TIP: Power Scentsy Circles

13 Nov


Add the sweet #Scentsy smell to your house by attaching Scent Circles to your ducted air conditioning vents. Being in the roof they are out of sight and provide all day scents. Also when you turn on your A/C you get a scent boost.

Try a different scent circle in different rooms and experience a fresh scent wherever you go in your house.

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Tip – Use #Scentsy was to make firestarters

27 Oct

This #Scentsy tip is great for my American consultant friends who are coming up for winter, and will be lighting many fireplaces to keep warm.

You can use your old #Scentsy wax to make a fire starter

You need an egg carton, some lint or sawdust (something combustible) and your #Scentsy wax.

1: Place the combustible material in the egg carton hollows.
2: Melt old #Scentsy wax in a double boiler (or microwave) (it must be HOT)
3: Pour #Scentsy wax over the combustible material. It should soak in, if it doesn’t it is not hot enough.
4: Wait till it sets. Then use as a normal firestarter.

Here s a link to a wikihow article on how to make them. http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Fire-Starters-from-Egg-Cartons

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Join My Team

24 Oct

Join My Team

Okay a friend has laid down a challenge to recruit a new team member by the end of this month. Can you help?

Tip – Use #Scentsy wax for Batik

21 Oct

#Scentsy wax can be used in making Batik

Batik is an Indonesion method of using wax and dyes to make patterns on cloth. Think tie dye from the 60’s but more elegant ๐Ÿ™‚
The following two links provide some information on Batik and how to go about it.

Wikipedia Batik

3 Ways to Batik

Tip – Unstick sticky drawers

18 Oct

Use your old #scentsy wax to lubricate wooden dresser draws.

I use a small plastic container (about the size of a bar of soap) and keep adding my old #Scentsy wax till it fills up. Then I empty it out and use it to rub down dresser draws to prevent them sticking. The draws slide so much smoother after a rub down ๐Ÿ™‚

Tip – Make your bars last longer

17 Oct

After my trawling of the net I have come across this handy tip to store your #scentsy wax bars in the freezer. Apparently it prevents the scent from weakening

This would be a useful strategy to use if you have stockpiled your favorite scent.

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Chika the Cheetah Scentsy Buddy

15 Oct

Chika the Cheetah Scentsy Buddy

Apparently this is the buddy I am getting in my consultant starter kit. Isn’t he just the cutest ๐Ÿ™‚